Pro Contract

Please make sure your Instagram or Facebook profile is set to public. Thank you!

  • Mysta Pros are asked to wear the MYSTA - FUEL YOUR GOLF Hat & use the Vessel at all golf outings as per the guidelines in the agreement
  • All Mysta Pros are asked to post 2 PER MONTH on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (Reel,Story or Timeline)
  • VIDEO Reels tagged or sent direct to Mystagolf as directed by Mystagolf to Signed Mysta Pros
  • All Mysta Pros will be paid straight commission at 15 PERCENT on Epi-Hyrdate & Epi-ZONE on any individual or course order purchased with your store code
  • All Mysta Pros are encouraged to FOLLOW @mystagolf - Epi-Hydrate on Instagram, LIKE and Comment as possible after each post is made
  • Mysta Pros are encouraged to repost our giveaways and contests
  • Mysta Pros are encouraged to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and encourage your network to do the same: #fuelyourgolf
  • You are encouraged to feedback requested on new flavors, products, giveaways
  • Mysta Pros will not represent or promote other nutrition companies with competing products.
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