Golf Nutrition

Track your Fuel via Mystagolf's prioritary A.I. Tracking of HYDRATION, ENERGY, FOCUS & RECOVERY and adjust accordingly . Paving the way for improved endurance concentration and recovery, to avoid sub-optimal performance & the risk of injury.

Golfers’ Metabolic Performance, age & physiques vary widely and all top players need Dialed Focus, Cellular Hydration, Energy Stabilizing and Back Nine Recovery



Inadequate Cellular Hydration can lead to impaired Energy , reduced Skill Performance & impaired Focus. At higher levels , dehydration can also contribute to heat stress. As golf is largely a game of skill and requires a high level of concentration to be sustained over 6 Hours, it is critical to maintain optimal Cellular Hydration levels. Electrolyte and Co-Factors , gender, time in play and environmental conditions all play a role.

Requirements generally increase as the temperature increases so golfers should monitor their sweat rate to determine their individual fluid, co-factor & electrolyte needs – a Mystagolf Nutrition expert can help with this.

Focus & Recovery

As a round of golf can last for several hours it is necessary to replace fluid and carbohydrate throughout the round. It is also common that because of the timing of a round, that a golfer may miss a meal (e.g. lunch). Therefore it’s important to replace these nutrients during and after the round. Having a small healthy snack every 4-6 holes can be helpful for topping up energy levels and maintaining concentration.

Good snacks to have in a golf bag include:

• High Quality Protein (Hyrdolyzed & Undenatured)

• High Quality Electrolyte ( Primary Ratios & Key Co Factors to drive cellular hydration )

• Concentration Serum ( aGPC )

. Fibre


Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that plays crucial roles in memory, learning, muscle coordination and movement, and both aspects of the nervous system: the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”) and parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest”).ecovery nutrition is especially important when playing multiple rounds in one day over multi-day tournaments.

Recovery meals and snacks should contain carbohydrate , QUALITY protein (for muscle repair and development) and electrolytes to replace sweat losses

Plan ahead Players may need to travel extensively for their sport so should prepare for this and learn cooking skills to manage nutrition while on the road

Caffeine & Cholyine

Some players may benefit from small amounts of caffeine during a round to aid skill and concentration. The ideal dose should be as small as possible (~1-3mg /kg) to avoid side effects. OUR SPORT SCIENCE TEAM can help with this.